President and CEO
Linda Moore
Washington, D.C.
Senior Vice President for Operations and Strategic Initiatives, Corporate Secretary
Carl Holshouser
Washington, D.C.
CFO and Vice President, Administration
Patricia Albertson
Santa Clara, CA
Vice President, Membership and Strategic Partnerships
Trent Edwards
San Francisco, CA
Vice President, Federal Policy and Government Relations
Peter Chandler
Washington, D.C.
Vice President, State Policy and Government Relations
David Edmonson
Austin, TX
Director, Communications
Steve Kidera
Washington, D.C.
Executive Director, California and the Southwest
Cameron Demetre
Sacramento, CA
Executive Director, Washington and the Northwest
Samantha Kersul
Olympia, WA
Executive Director, Texas and the Southeast
Servando Esparza
Austin, TX
Deputy Executive Director, California and the Southwest
Lia Nitake
Sacramento, CA
Executive Director, Illinois and the Midwest
Tyler Diers
Springfield, IL
Executive Director, Massachusetts and the Northeast
Chris Gilrein
Boston, MA
Federal Policy Coordinator
Meghan Pearce
Washington, D.C.
Government Relations and Communications Coordinator
Evan Gillissie
Washington, D.C.
State Policy Coordinator
Zach Atran
Washington, D.C.
Accounting and Administrative Assistant
Silvia Ochoa
Santa Clara, CA
Executive Assistant to the CEO and Deputy Director of Membership
Zoë Gluck
Washington, D.C.
805 15th Street,  NW Suite 708 Washington, DC 20005
(202) 650-5100
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